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What is Nicole©?
Nicole is the most realistic Virtual Assistant avaliable today.

What is an MSAgent?
MSAgent technology was created by Microsoft, and enables the use of virtual characters to perform as tutors, chat bots, text and e-mails readers, virtual friends and helpers for most windows applications.

How can I use Nicole?
There are many softwares avaliable to use with Nicole to behave as your personal assistant or virtual girlfriend. She can talk to you, read your e-mails, perform many automatic tasks in your computer and much more. Click here for a list of some free and commercial ones.

What´s in the Nicole package?
You get 2 (two) MSAgent Characters in two different sizes. You can also purchase the Nude Version and Executive Secretary Version.

     Nicole is our second generation of Ultra Realistic Female Virtual Assistant, built after the great success of Vanessa. Since the release of Vanessa we could improve our art even more, thanks to many suggestions from our customers all around the world that are using them in many different ways. Nicole is a beautifull virtual girl made in four different sizes (screen resolutions). She has an incredible 1200 x 933 pixel size, so now you can use her in deeper resolutions LCD´s monitors or even show her in big Plasmas or LCD´s TV´s. Her package also includes a smaller resolution ( 550 x 428 ) in case you just want to use Nicole in a corner of your computer monitor. Don´t forget to take a look at the two extra packages for Nicole.

   She is the result of a great passion we have for computer graphic animation and artificial intelligence. We believe our world very soon will have many "virtual assistants" like Nicole and Vanessa helping everyone to get their lives better, from helping people with disabilities, motor disfunctions and sight problems to assisting young and older to learn any kind of computer assisted task. They can also be used as a Virtual Hostess to read news in computers screens, LCD´s TV´s and kiosks. There are numerous ways to use virtual characters like Nicole in everyone´s life. Welcome to this fascinating world !
Click the Images below to see the real size for the 2 MSAgents in this package
This MSAgent has a transparent background, so you can use any image with it, as shown below.
Head Big ( 1200 x 933)
Head Small ( 550 x 428)
Some Avaliable Animations for both sizes
Restpose (with talking)
Extra Packages for Nicole
Nicole Executive Secretary (Sold Separately)
Nicole Nude Pack (Sold Separately)
Free Character Control Software
Purchasing Nicole, you also get this free Character Control Software, so you can see all the expressions and animations of each character. You can also type any text to make the character speak to you, and easily make scripts to automate a presentation. This software only works with MSAgent Nicole, MSAgent Vanessa and with the free MSAgents Melissa and Kirei from Guile 3D Studio.
Software History:
03/18/2007 - Version 1.1
+Add: Script Control Panel to automate a sequence of animation and speech sentences.
+Add: Script Control Panel open and save files button. Enables to type the commands in the software and save in a .gui or .txt file. You can also make a sequence of script commands in any text editor and open inside the software.
+Add: Talking Panel with "Load from Clipboard" button, so you can copy any text from any other application or web page and paste inside the Talking Panel box to make the character speak it.
+Add: Voice Speed bar. Controls the speed of the TTS voice.
+Add: Voice Volume bar. Controls the volume of the TTS voice.
+Add: Voice Pitch bar. Controls the pitch of the TTS voice.
+Add: Monotone Button. Changes some aspectes of the TTS Voice.
+Add: Whisper Button. Changes some aspectes of the TTS Voice.
+Add: Now you can load the free MSAgent Mellissa from Guile 3D Studio.
+Add: Now you can load the free MSAgent Kirei from Guile 3D Studio.

BUY MSAgent Nicole Head Pack NOW !
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US$ 16.95
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You can also:
BUY Nicole Special Bundle! 6 Characters in 3 Versions and save US$ 15.00!
Buy all three Nicole´s packs and save US$ 15.00!
This special offer includes all three versions of Nicole, with all the backgrounds and free control software:
US$ 35.95

Nicole Head Pack (2 different sizes)
Nicole Nude Pack (2 different sizes)
Nicole Executive Secretary Pack (2 different sizes)

  Nicole´s Head package includes all the files below. After the purchase, you can download all the files in a compacted .zip file, or if you prefer, you can download each file individually.
Characters Included
  File Name
File Size
    Nicole Head Big
1.200 x 933
115.248 KB
    Nicole Head Medium
550 x 428
26.314 KB
Additional Files Included:
  Nicole_Readme.txt   Instructions and animations list
  Nicole_applications.txt   Suggestion of software applications to use with Nicole
  Character_Control.exe   Free software to see all the animations and make the character talk.

Free Backgrounds to use with Nicole
  As a bonus, you get all the backgrounds below, in a 1200 x 933 resolution to use with Nicole.
Some backgrounds are in .png format and have a transparent area to show videos (requires own user programing) and other multimedia files.
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  For assistance and additional information, please send e-mail to  
  Please read our FAQ page to get more information about Nicole and MSAgent Technology.